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Irshaadul Mulook

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Audio Bayaan
  Do not pin your hopes on anyone besides Allah Ta`Ala
Description : Majlis held July 7th, 2005
Sheikh: Hadhrat Moulana AS Desai (db) Player: Real Audio Player Language : English Hits: 1946 Download: Download Now !
  Pride in the presence of the proud is humility
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Sheikh: Hadhrat Moulana AS Desai (db) Player: Real Audio Player Language : English Hits: 1925 Download: Download Now !
  Harms of overeating
Description : Majlis held July 12th, 2005
Sheikh: Hadhrat Moulana AS Desai (db) Player: Real Audio Player Language : English Hits: 1995 Download: Download Now ! Books
30 .Women in Musaajid and Islam
An article: THE MASAAJID AND MUSLIM WOMEN, written by Maulana/Sheikh Adam Moosa Makda of Zimbabwe, and distributed by the Zimbabwe Islamic Mission has just been brought to our notice. Perusal of the article convinced us of the harm and Imaani damage which the baatil views propounded by the author can cause to unwary Muslims. We have therefore considered it our Islamic duty to prepare this refutation of the baseless and un-lslamic exposition of the question presented by the modernist Maulana/Sheikh . The Maulana/Sheikh has acted in violation of the Sunnah by having chosen a stand in opposition to the exhortation of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Rasulullah(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) exhorted women to remain indoors and to perform their acts of Ibaadat in the innermost recesses of their homes. In direct contrast, the Maulana/Sheikh has deemed it appropriate and worthy of his position as an Aalim to ignore the wishes and exhortation of Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It has, therefore, become imperative for us to lay bare the facts and dispel the darkness which clouds the baatil opinions of the Maulana/Sheikh, which he sought to administer to the Ummah as facts of the Shariah. But, baatil shall be exposed and demolished by Allah Ta'ala.

Author: Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa Total Hits: 1241   More Books»

Orchards of Love


Hadhrat Shafeeq Balkhi (rahmatullahi alayh) narrates:

"In the year 149 Hijri I set out for Hajj. I halted in Qadisiyyah. While I was viewing the large crowds and their pomp, my eyes fell o­n a young man clad in fine garments. He had wrapped a woollen shawl around him (in the style of the Sufis). He was sitting alone. I thought he was a pretender. I went near to him with the intention of reprimanding him. He looked at me and said: ‘O Shafeeq! Abstain from suspicion because some suspicion is sinful.’ So saying, he went away. I said to myself: ‘Indeed I had committed evil.’ He had said what was in my heart. He even mentioned my name. He appears to be a pious man. I resolved to locate him and apologise. Although I hastily pursued him, he was nowhere in sight. Then I saw him at Waaqisah, I was trembling and tears were flowing. I delightfully said to myself: ‘This is that same friend of mine.’ I was determined to seek forgiveness from him for my error of suspicion. I waited a long time. After he completed his Salaat, I turned towards him. When he saw me approaching, he said: ‘O Shafeeq! (He recited the Aayat)-‘Verily, I am Most Forgiving for him who repents.....’ He then departed and disappeared from my sight. I said to myself: ‘This young man is certainly o­ne of the Abdaal. He twice revealed what I was thinking.’ When we reached Mina, I saw the same young man standing at the well with a mug in his hand. The mug slipped from his hand and fell into the well. He lifted his gaze to the heaven and supplicated. By Allah! I saw the water rising to the top of the well with the mug. The young man filled it with water and engaged in Salaat. After Salaat he went to a sand dune and filled his mug with sand. He drank the contents. He repeated this act several times. I went up to him and made Salaam to which he responded. I asked him to give me some of the contents of his mug. he acceded to my request. I never drank anything sweeter and more delicious than the juice in his mug. Nothing was more fragrant than it. I stayed a few days at this place without feeling hungry or thirsty.

The youth said: ‘O Shafeeq! Allah`s zaahiri and baatini bounties are always with me. Cherish a lofty opinion of your Rabb.’

I then did not see the young man along the road to Makkah. o­nce at midnight in Makkah I saw him performing Salaat with profound humility. I heard the sound of crying. He spent the entire night in this state. In the morning after Fajr Salaat he made Tawaaf of the Kaabah. Thereafter he came out of the Haram. I followed him. Suddenly I observed many servants and assistants around him. People gathered around him to pay their respects. I was surprised at this transformation from a lonely young man to an important personality. When I enquired from someone, I was told that the young man, was Hadhrat Ja`far Saadiq (rahmatullahi alayh). I was truly astonished. Undoubtedly, the miracles which I had witnessed were the effects of such a noble Sayyid.’"

Words of Wisdom

"Turn in repentance to your Rabb before there come to you the Punishment (of Allah), for then you will not be aided. And follow the beautiful (Shariah) which has been revealed to you before there suddenly comes to you the Punishment without you even realising."

-- Qur'aan




1) Shares, Unit Trusts and the Shariah- 64 pages, price R10

2) The American Dajjaalah - 23 pages, price R5 (see summary below)

3) Al-Baaqiyaatus Saalihaat - 112 pages of o­nly Qur’aanic and Hadith Naseehatprice R10 (see below) Albaaqiyaatus Saalihaat is also available in B4 (26cm X 36cm) size. More info..


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