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Irshaadul Mulook

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Audio Bayaan
  Demise of 'Ilm
Description : Majlis held 24th May 2005
Sheikh: Hadhrat Moulana AS Desai (db) Player: Real Audio Player Language : English Hits: 1916 Download: Download Now !
  Questioning the Hikmat of Ahkaam
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  Sin vs. Ibaadat
Description : Majlis held 28th May 2005
Sheikh: Hadhrat Moulana AS Desai (db) Player: Real Audio Player Language : English Hits: 1933 Download: Download Now ! Books
3 .Feet in Salah
In this fourteenth century of the Islamic era, a recently mushroomed sect known as the Salafis, has invented some new rules which they believe are the Sunnat teachings of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Inspite of their views being in conflict with the teachings of the Salf-e-Saaliheen belonging to the Noblest Ages of Islam (Khairul Quroon), they obstinately cling to their misguided opinions. Their method is to subject the Ahadith to their personal understanding. Inspite of the divergence which this self-opinion produces from the Way of the Ummah inherited from the Sahaabah, the Salafis intransigently cling to their deviation. A little reflection would convince them that it is not possible that the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen who were the Students of the Sahaabah would propagate acts which are in conflict with the Sunnah. Any act which has been accepted and practised by the entire Ummah from the earliest era of Islam cannot be deviation. Deviation will be the act which is in conflict with this sacred Unanimity.

Author: Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa Total Hits: 1314   More Books»

Orchards of Love


Sheikh Abu Abdullah Iskandari (rahmatullahi alayh) narrates:

"Once I wandered in the mountains in the hope of meeting a devotee of Allah from whom I could derive some spiritual benefit. In my wanderings I saw a woman walking and reciting poetry about the Love of Allah Ta`ala. I thought to myself: ‘It would have been good if I had met a man.’ As this thought crossed my mind the woman said: ‘O Abdullah! Indeed, your heart is queer. How can a man who cannot even attain the ranks of a woman hope to meet men (i.e. Auliyaa)?’

I said to her: ‘You have made a very bold claim!’ She said: ‘A claim without basis is unlawful.’

I said: ‘What is the basis of your claim?’ She responded: ‘The basis for my claim is that my King and True Beloved is for me as I wish because I am for Him as He wishes.’

I said: ‘If it truly is as you say, then produce fried fish immediately.’ She retorted scornfully: ‘You have indeed asked for something exceedingly insignificant. Why did you not ask that Allah Ta`ala bestows to you wings of Divine yearning so that you could fly to Him as I am doing.’

So saying, she flew into the air."

Abu Abdullah continues: "I was smitten by remorse and embarrassment. Nothing at that time was more bitter to me than my contemptibility, and nothing sweeter than her elevated state of Divine Honour. I ran in the direction that she was flying and implored: ‘O Sayyidah! I swear by that Being Who has enriched you and deprived me, Who has made you fortunate and me unfortunate! For Allah’s Sake, assist me with some dua."

She responded: "You need the dua of men. What need have you for women?"

Abu Abdullah: "At least cast a gaze (tawajjuh) o­n me."

The woman: "The lofty state in which I am immersed is infinitely superior to gazing at you."

Abu Abdullah: "Please, o­nly two words of dua."

The woman: "Tomorrow morning you will meet a man whose dua is readily acceptable."

"After saying this she disappeared. My peace was utterly destroyed. I passed the remaining part of the day and night in considerable distress and restlessness. In the morning I saw a man crawling o­n his knees. The signs of holiness were cascading from his glittering face. It occurred to me that this was perhaps the person the woman had mentioned. As I was thinking, he said: ‘ Yes! I am that person.’"

Abu Abdullah: "Hadhrat, make a dua so that I could reach The True Beloved."

The Buzrug: "O Abu Abdullah! You have been deprived from the dua of the o­ne who had made no claim. You lacked the insight and spiritual vision for even recognizing Raihaanah Kufiyah (the name of the woman). Now I cannot make any dua for you until you have not met some insane persons. You will meet them tomorrow."

As he spoke, he disappeared into thin air. A mountain of grief, regret and sorrow descended o­n Hadhrat Abu Abdullah.

"The next day I heard a Qaari reciting in a sorrowful and heart-rendering voice. I was enraptured by his recitation. Abu Abdullah said: ‘I give you an oath by that Being Who has bestowed to you this beautiful voice! Have mercy o­n my forlorn heart.’

A short while later there appeared o­n the scene a man who was immersed in Divine Love. He said: ‘What do you want from such mad men whose tears never stop flowing? However, since you have been assigned to me for dua, I advise you to cling to insane persons and hold o­n firmly to the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).’"

Abu Abdullah: "Hadhrat, say something more."

He said: "Have mercy o­n yourself. Abstain from sins. Renounce the world. This world is most ungrateful. It drowns and destroys its lovers. It throttles the middle class and burns out the inferior o­nes. May Allah bestow His True Attainment to you and accept you among his devotees. Insha`Allah, He will not deprive you of the pleasure of His Vision."

Words of Wisdom

“Save yourselves from the Fire even with a piece of date.

-- Hadith




1) Shares, Unit Trusts and the Shariah- 64 pages, price R10

2) The American Dajjaalah - 23 pages, price R5 (see summary below)

3) Al-Baaqiyaatus Saalihaat - 112 pages of o­nly Qur’aanic and Hadith Naseehatprice R10 (see below) Albaaqiyaatus Saalihaat is also available in B4 (26cm X 36cm) size. More info..


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