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Irshaadul Mulook

VOL 16 NO 06: The Camouflage of E-Numbers

Posted by: TheMajlis

The Camouflage of

The introduction of the E-number designations for chemical additives in processed foods has effectively camouflaged many haraam ingredients. A very convenient cover for concealing haraam ingredients has been discovered by western capitalists who are well aware of Muslim Deeni inhibitions.

The primary purpose for the invention of the E designation, was to conceal the haraam-content of processed foods. Tons and tons of haraam fat, including pork fat, are processed in factories to produce a variety of chemical additives which are designated with E-numbers.

Besides the health hazards which these poisonous substances pose, the spiritual poison o­n account of the haraam raw materials from which these substances are derived, is worse. It is, therefore, imperative for Muslims to abstain from products which contain these deceptive and misleading Enumbers. The E was specially designed to deceive and mislead.


"Chemical additives are known to affect a child’s behaviour and in many cases can lead to behavioural problems later o­n. For example, in a 2002 UK government--funded study conducted by the UK’s Asthma and Allergy Research Centre, a group of 277 three-year-olds were assessed for o­ne month. Each day for two weeks, the children were given fruit juice laced with four artificial colourants.

The other two weeks, the children were given a similar fruit juice without the additives. Neither the children nor their parents knew which fruit juice was being administered at any given time.

Parents were asked to assess problem behaviours such as interrupting, fiddling with objects, concentration difficulties and temper tantrums. The results of the study showed that the artificial additives were a potent cause of behavioural problems in children.

The researchers commented that significant changes in children’s hyperactive behaviour could be produced by removal of colourants and additives from their diet.

Chemical additives in food and drinks are usually designated by an Enumber and the following chemical Enumbers should be avoided:

E102, E110, E122, E123, E124, E127, E129, E131, E133, E142, E150C, E151, E153, E154, E155, E210-E224, E226, E227, E228, E232, E249, E250, E251, E252, E284, E285, E320, E321, E512, E533B, E621, E942, E954, E1440.

...In some children, MSG (monosodium glutamate) appears to have the ability to trigger symptoms such as headaches, nausea, giddiness, muscle pains, and heart palpitations."

(Dr. Christopher Imrie, Port Elizabeth —The Herald)

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